Software for card and board games

For over 15 years, we have been developing a range of software for card and board games.

The best known example of this type of software is the game Tarot Pro 2010. It is compatible with operating systems up to Windows 7. If this trial version works, the complete version should work on your PC.

To order the Tarot Pro 2010 software and receive it by email (€30), click on the PayPal link below:

To receive Tarot Pro 2010 in CD-ROM format, send a check to the value of €36.50 made payable to Recreasoft at the following address:

17 rue Henri Monnier
75009 Paris

You should receive your CD-ROM, by post, within 5 working days.

Other software that may be downloaded free of charge (shareware) include: Belote 2000 (only compatible with Windows 3.1 to Windows XP), Gin Rummy Pro, Poker Pro 2010 and Mega Yam (only compatible with Windows 3.1 to Windows XP).

Cost of the softwares: Gin Rummy Pro (€22), Poker Pro 2010 (€22), Mega Yam (€25). Plus €6.50 for post and packaging costs if you prefer the CD-ROM format. Send your check to Recreasoft at the aforementioned address.

We can also create original Sudoku grids for magazines (ranging from easy to super difficult!). Contact us for more details.