If you're reading this page, it's probably because you're considering improving the SEO of your website.

But what exactly is SEO or Search Engine Optimization? It's pretty simple: you want to appear on the first page of results brought up by search engines using keywords that correspond to your activity. The proper use of SEO allows you to target a maximum number of Internet users.

We can perform an SEO analysis in order to find out just how visible your site really is, allowing you to learn how your site performs in various searches and to see how it fares in terms of the competition. We will also advise you on how best to improve your Internet visibility.

For free, you can request an SEO estimate for your website !

The SEO analysis (subject to charges) is fully customized. We analyze your needs and take stock of any efforts already made by you in terms of SEO. Our goal is to attract relevant traffic, i.e., future customers. The information uncovered by such an analysis is always useful, both in terms of organic and paid search results (purchasing of keywords or sponsored links).

We also offer other services: long tail SEO for long sentences, netlinking (creating hard links to your site), the drafting of content, writing product sheets, AdWords campaign management.

In terms of long tail SEO for your website, we can tailor this service to several different countries and in several different languages: mainly French, English, Spanish and German.


In order to properly take stock of your site's SEO, we offer a complete SEO analysis that looks at your site's performance in terms of various searches, your site's position in terms of the competition and what can be done to improve your visibility.

This service includes:

- a technical and structural analysis of your website (speed, indexation, linking, site map, etc.),

- the identification of potential blocking factors,

- the search for possible downgrades (partial or total), the reasons and the solutions to these downgrades,

- a positioning analysis of your site,

- an analysis of your current backlinks including toxic links with our own algorithm,

- a study of your site content,

- the SEO optimizations to be applied to your site,

- a search for the keywords that will optimize your long tail SEO,

- a comprehensive and detailed report,

- a telephone interview with an SEO expert.

This analysis is tailor-made for each customer. We analyze your needs. We take stock of any efforts already made on your behalf in terms of SEO. Our goal is to attract relevant traffic to your website, i.e., future customers. The information uncovered by such an analysis is always useful, both in terms of organic and paid search results (purchasing of keywords or sponsored links).

Another option that exists: we can work directly on your website and perform all of the recommended optimizations for you.

We can also look for less competitive keywords in your industry or specialty area. In fact, it is sometimes easier to gain more hits with these kinds of keywords.

Every web agency or SEO company has its tools and methodology. What sets us apart is that we use our own tools which we have specially devised after years of experience and technical know-how. We also boast a marketing strategy that is in line with your goals. After all, what's the point of having prime position on a particular keyword if it doesn't bring you additional clients?


Long tail SEO is pretty easy to understand. Nowadays, more and more Internet users type in expressions or sentences instead of a single keyword, when carrying out a search on search engines. For example, instead of typing in the word trousers, they will type in men's trousers size 48. This segment corresponds to a potential buyer (also referred to as a qualified prospect or lead) and to a rather specific and detailed search.

Long tail SEO consists of being referenced on a number of so-called long phrases or expressions. To do this, we offer a comprehensive service that includes the creation of HTML PAGES using variations of keywords in your industry or specialty area, with a variety of long texts, different images, etc. In addition, ours is a predictive approach: we come up with a selection of potential keywords used in a possible search.

We can also use this technique by combining the names of cities, countries, colors, sizes, materials, etc. There are plenty of possibilities.




NWe can also create a complete website dedicated to long tail SEO. Complex linking and other sophisticated techniques will be implemented in order to optimize and customize this service.

While this approach applies to all websites, we can also perform long tail SEO in a more subtle fashion, without creating optimized pages but by implementing an optimized approach in terms of the existing content. Depending on each site, we can implement the most suitable long tail SEO.

Finally, it is useful to remember that depending on the sector, long tail SEO can represent 80% to 90% of potential visitors.

We also offer content writing services, the drafting of product sheets and AdWords campaign management.


We also offer a netlinking campaign where we progressively create backlinks for your site towards your website (backlink = external link from a forum, directory, blog, etc., TOWARDS YOUR SITE).

What this means for you: 10 advantages

1 - All the benefits of a tailor-made service that you won't find elsewhere,

2 - Guaranteed backlinks that last several years,

3 - Progressive work (1 to 3 months or more if necessary) to be fully organic!

4 - Manual work as opposed to automated netlinking,

5 - Varied anchor text (text associated with a backlink),

6 - Backlinks inspired in part by the competition (backlink cannibalization/the leaders and rivals in your industry or specialty sector)!

7 - Backlinks on different media (forums, blogs, high-quality directories, reference sites, etc.)

8 - Backlinks to the various pages of your site (not just the homepage but also deep pages)

9 - Backlinks from sites similar to your own (thematic, keywords, field of activity, etc.)

10 - A single contact person with you every step of the way!

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