BtoC Emailings

If you have a website, we suggest you advertise via an emailing campaign sent to over 200,000 opt-in emails in France. An opt-in email means the recipient has agreed to receive bulk emails. We also have a database of 50,000 opt-in emails in Quebec and 30,000 opt-in emails in Belgium (French-speaking).

This activity allows you to reach a large number of Internet users within a short space of time. A B2C (Business to Consumer) emailing campaign is an economical and direct way of promoting your website and marketing your brand/product.

The 10 advantages of an emailing campaign using the database:

1 - There is no middleman (media sales agencies) between the advertiser (you) and us, allowing us to offer you very attractive rates.

2 - Our tracking system of openings and clicks provides you with a summary campaign report.

3 - Program a campaign for the date of your choice (subject to availability) and select the rate of dispatch (e.g., emails sent over 4, 8 or 12 hours).

4 - Specializing in email marketing in the French market since 2004, our company, Recreasoft, which publishes the site, was established in 1998.

5 - Our databases are opt-in and have been declared to the CNIL*( No. 1,418,649), under the law LCEN 2004, a guarantee of quality. We are also a signatory of the email charters; CPA 2011 (charter 1) and 2014 (charter 2).
*French regulatory body overseeing data privacy laws.

6 - We specialize in dedicated emailings: you are the only advertiser in the email sent to recipients.

7 - We are here to advise you or to answer any questions you may have, prior to, during and after the campaign.

8 - Our databases are continuously updated, allowing you to continue to reach new customers.

9 - We use our IT expertise to optimize your emailing kit before dispatch using a range of different techniques. We can also create visual emailings for customers.

10 - Last but not least: you only pay for the amount of unique openers! Benefit from a sliding scale fee depending on the selected number of unique openers (10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 unique openers).

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